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Finding Machines

How do I find the nearest machine?

It’s easy. Go to our Coinstar machine locator. Then enter your postal code or city and we’ll show you the stores that have a Coinstar machine.

There’s an issue with the machine. Or, there’s a message saying it’s out of service. What should I do?

We’re sorry there’s a problem with a Coinstar machine. Please use the Coinstar machine locator to find another machine in your area. A local technician will be notified that service is required.

How does it work?

How does Coinstar® work?

Trading in your loose coins at Coinstar is easy. Just pour your coins into a machine and let us do the work.

  1. Take your coins to a Coinstar machine. A 11.9% coin processing fee applies. Fees may vary by location.
  2. Remove dirt, debris, and other objects from coins. Add coins to the tray. Lift handle and guide coins into the slot.
  3. When the machine is done counting, you’ll receive a cash voucher. Get cash for your voucher at the cashier.
Coinstar Fees

Is there a charge to use a Coinstar machine?

Yes, there is a 11.9% processing fee. Fees may vary by location.

Coin Sorting

Do I need to sort my coins before using the Coinstar machine?

No sorting, counting, or rolling required. Make sure your coins have been cleared of all dirt, debris and other objects prior to visiting the machine to ensure a successful transaction. Items like food, screws, dirty or sticky coins and other objects will jam the machine.

What if I have a large amount of coins?

If you think that you have more than $3,000 in coins, we may be able to provide special assistance. Please call Customer Service at 800-928-2274. Available daily from 5am-10pm MST.

Cash Voucher

Do I have to redeem the cash voucher at the store where I cashed in my coins?

You should always redeem your cash voucher at the store in which it was issued.

Does the Coinstar cash voucher need to be redeemed for cash the day of the transaction?

You should always redeem your voucher on the same day it was issued. This helps reduce the chances that your voucher may become lost or stolen.

I’m unable to read my cash voucher. What should I do?

Please contact Customer Service at 800-928-2274 for assistance. Available daily from 5am-10pm MST.

My cash voucher was lost or stolen. What should I do?

Our printed paper vouchers are like cash. Once the voucher has been printed, we do not have the ability to track it. Regrettably, we are unable to cancel or reissue a cash voucher.

Special Offers

How can I learn about Coinstar’s special offers or promotions?

Visit our Facebook page at or keep an eye on our website.

I have an issue or problem with an existing promotion or offer. What should I do?

Please contact Customer Service at 800-928-2274, available daily from 5am-10pm MST or visit our Contact Us page on this website and submit your question via email.


What is MyCoinstar?

MyCoinstar is a free account you can sign up for. You’ll get sneak peeks at upcoming special offers and money-stretching promotions. You can also track all your Coinstar kiosk transactions down to the penny when you enter the email associated with your MyCoinstar account.

How do I sign up for MyCoinstar?

Visit the MyCoinstar page on this website to create your account.

I have more than one MyCoinstar account. How do I combine them?

We’re not able to combine your accounts.

How do I cancel my MyCoinstar account?

Visit the Contact Us page on this website to submit your request via email. Simply fill out the form:

  1. Choose Webmaster in subject roll-down menu
  2. Enter your name
  3. Enter the email associated with your MyCoinstar account
  4. Write a note saying that you would like to cancel your account in the Details section
  5. Click the ‘SUBMIT’ button

I’m unable to activate a MyCoinstar account. What should I do?

After you create a MyCoinstar account, we send you an activation email with the subject line “Confirm your MyCoinstar.” Sometimes this email ends up in your junk or spam email folder, so check there first. This message needs to be confirmed within 48 hours for your account to be activated.

If you think you created a MyCoinstar account but didn’t receive a confirmation email, or it expired, please visit our Contact Us page on this website and submit your question via email to ‘Webmaster’ so we can check into it for you.

My log in or password doesn’t work. What should I do?

Make sure you are using the same email address you provided when you signed up for MyCoinstar and that your account has been confirmed. If you don’t think your account has been confirmed, visit our Contact Us page on this website and submit your issue via email to ‘Webmaster’.

If you are sure your account is active and the email address is correct, try resetting your password by following the Forgot password steps listed in the question below.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you forgot your password, here’s what to do:

  1. Click MyCoinstar
  2. Look for the ‘Sign In’ button, then click the link that says ‘Forgot password’?
  3. Enter your email address and we’ll send a temporary password to your email
Small Business Services

Can I use a Coinstar machine to count coins from my small business?

Yes, you can count coins from your business at a Coinstar machine anytime.


How can I get removed or unsubscribed from receiving Coinstar marketing emails and offers?

To stop receiving email and offers from Coinstar simply go to the bottom portion of any email, look for your email address, and click the link about unsubscribing.

Customer Service

How do I contact Coinstar Customer Service?

Call Customer Service at 800-928-2274. Available daily from 5am-10pm MST.

I’m having trouble completing my transaction. What should I do?

Please contact Customer Service at 800-928-2274. They are here to help and will be able to assist you.

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